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Nyerere Education Institute

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  • Purpose and background
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Consul Gray's philosophy is that life on earth began in Africa, and that Africa's majestic history has been distorted over the centuries. He shares the belief of the late president of Tanzania, Julius K. Nyerere, that "whosoever controls the minds of our children, controls the future." Gray feels, "Education is key to restoring Africa's legacy and sharing its contributions with the rest of the world. Knowledge is the foundation of mutual respect and understanding in the global marketplace."  

Purpose and background

While searching for a historically acccurate and inclusive learning environment for his children, he was disappointed with his findings. He came across a publication by H.E. Julius Nyerere, Education for Self-Reliance, that mirrored his ideals on the purpose of education. As a result, with twelve other like-minded individuals, he founded the Nyerere Education Institute (NEI), which he administrated from 1974-1995.

Most of the Nyerere Education Institute graduates matriculated to historically black colleges. The full day pre-k through grade twelve institution also had an after school program attended by thousands over the years. Many of the staff, teachers and founders have joined the ancestors*. Their memories will always be imbedded in the institution's archives and in the hearts of those whose lives they touched.  

Nyerere Education Institute founders

(names inscribed on a memorial plaque, along with Nyerere's quote, "Whosoever controls the minds of our children, controls the future...)

• Elouise Byrom*

• Sue Cartledge*

• Mozelle Fordham*

• Mary Gardner*

• Geraldine Garrard*

• Charles Gray

• Duretta Gibson

• Etta Hood*

• Corrine Phipps*

• Annie Myers

• Demares Vanliew

• Sandra Willis

• Patricia Wilson


The school opened on the premises of Ebenezer Baptist Church facility on Lee Avenue in New Brunswick, NJ and relocated the second year to Neilson Street in the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church school building.  

In 1977 it found a permanent home at the Neighborhood House Building, 184 Commercial Avenue in New Brunswick, NJ (above) where it remained until 1995. The building has since been demolished. 


Photos, news articles and other artifacts are archived on the next page and will be updated over time.

Gray is progressively pursuing partnerships and resources to re-open as an on-line school, a vision he has had since the 1980's. Accordingly, the world will have access.  

The online presence will be supplemented by brick and mortar buildings, including after-school centers, strategically placed throughout the world. The progress will be chronicled on this website as it unfolds.  

Stay tuned....

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