Charles H. Gray - International Diplomat Creating Inter-continental Partnerships
The Commitment Continues
Note:  Honorary Consul Gray congratulates the  current Tanzanian President, H.E. John Magufuli, upon his election in 2015.   The United States is going through its own political transition with President-Elect Donal Trump, and the Consul will continue to cultivate mutually compatible interests on behalf of both continents. 

Meanwhile, Honorary Consul Gray still feels the umbilical ties to Tanzania.  Over the years, he has self-financed trips to Tanzania to stay close to the land and its people.  His trip to Tanzania, East Africa  in 2006 examined the investment climate for African-Americans, specifically, and all Americans, in general, in a resource-rich and politically stable African country, Tanzania.  

This visit had far-reaching possibilities, since Consul Gray went to congratulate his friend of 25 years, H.E. President Dr. Jakaya M. Kikwete on his election to the presidency. (Mr. Kikwete was Minister of Finance and Gray’s host during his many visits to Tanzania under the late President Nyerere). 

The Honorary Consul has an on-going quest to seek individuals with the global vision and capacity to move forward.  President Kikwete has graciously hosted numerous fact-finding delegations on behalf of Charles Gray whenever requested - even prior to the Consulate appointment.   

2010 Tanzania - The Honorary Consul is pictured with H.E. President Jakaya Kikwete, with President Kikwete and his family, with the wife and family of the late President H.E. Julius Nyerere, with  a local Tanzanian jewelry maker and her child.
July 18, 2013 - Tanzanian Embassy, Washington,D.C.  - The Honorary Consul congratulates long-time friend, Liberata Mulamula, on her appointment as Tanzanian Ambassador in the United States.  

Honorary Consul Charles Gray with the family of H.E. Jakaya Kikwete, President of Tanzania   

Charles Gray with the family of the late Tanzania President, H.E. Julius Nyerere7/18/13 - Gray congratulates long-time friend Ambassador Mulamula
Gray and Associate with H.E. Jakaya KikweteGray visits with H.E. Jakaya Kikwete and family - 2010.Gray with his Tanzanian associate and a Tanzanian familyGray with the mother-in-law of the newly-appointed Tanzanian Ambassador to the US Embassy, Liberata Mulamula
New Ambassador surprised to see her friendGray with former Tanzanian President MwinyiPresident Mwinyi with Honorary ConsulsWith the Ambassador and her family in Washington, DC - July 26, 2013
Wishing the President a safe trip homeWith the president's wife and daughter.